Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kenya, Saturday

Saturday, 22th August
We spent some of the day with our friends Matt and Brittney who work for the Salvation Army. We are getting more efficient at moving around. Today we caught a matatu from Kibera down to the market where Matt and Brittney picked us up. They took us to the Giraffe Center in Karen where we fed Giraffes. We even got a kiss from the friendly animals.

After visiting the Giraffes they took us to the Kazuri bead factory. “The mission of Kazuri is to provide and sustain employment opportunities for disadvantage members of Kenyan society. In order to do this they must produce top quality hand-made and hand-painted ceramic jewelry and pottery. This will ensure that we are well equipped to compete in both the international and local market place. The Kazuri bead shop employs 340 single women, mostly single mothers. It is equipped with a clinic providing free medical care for the employees and their immediate family. Kazuri also absorbs 80% of the medical bills outside the factory clinic. In the developing world of today’s Africa, the greatest contribution we can make is to create employment , especially for the disadvantaged and this remains our guiding philosophy. The result is reflected in the strength of the Kazuri family and the beauty of our products.”

After visiting the bead factory we went to Nairobi city center to grab lunch and to check out some African shops. We went a place called Zanzibar it has the cheapest prices on African goods. If anyone comes to Nairobi and wants to pick up souvenirs this is the place to go. Thank you Matt and Brittney for spending some quality time with us. Matt, I commend you on your Kenyan driving skills.

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  1. My brother would flip seeing you feed that giraffe with your mouth, "Don't touch the animals Mariella!" Haha. Looks like you guys are fitting right in. I love the pictures of you laughing, classic Mariella face, I miss you!!!!