Monday, May 3, 2010

San Felipe, Chile

Mariella and I have been at her Uncle and Aunt´s vineyard in San Felipe. It is nice to be out of the city. We are in a valley surrounded by mountains. Today we harvested walnuts from a giant walnut tree. Ignacio (Mariella´s cousin) and I chopped wood the remainder of the day. The ranch is beautiful. They grow grapes for eating. The grapes that are not good enough are laying out on the land to dry into raisins. In one of the pictures you can see a melon hanging from the grape vines. They told me it is a Chilean grape, but I am pretty sure it is a mellon. :)

Mariella was bugging me early this morning. She asked if I was shaking the bed because it was squeaking. I told her no and looked up to watch the lamp swinging on the ceiling. I told her it must have been and earthquake. We went back to sleep and later heard that an earthquake did occur. We are having a blast. We will post some photos and video soon.


  1. I love the cat in the baday!

    And how you two can find ice cream anywhere in the world. I think you must have an internal radar! Or you are turning into Rob and Renee! LOL!


  2. Ha Ha! Hey there! Knowing where to find ice cream anywhere in the world is a very worthy skill! After all, ice cream is the ultimate comfort food, as well as promoting good health with milk, eggs, nuts, fruit, chocolate - all very good for what ails ya!

    I, too, loved the cat in the bidet (sp?). You all look like you are having a great time. We are looking forward to sharing some time with you soon. :)