Thursday, May 13, 2010

Transformed by Friends

Tomorrow we depart Santiago, Chile to our final destination, Los Angeles, California.

At the closing stage of this round the world journey we find ourselves blessed by the love, hospitality and shared time together with a lot of beautiful people. Here are many of the names and places of the people God has used to transform our lives. Mariella and I thank each of you who gave life to the journey. We are grateful to Jesus for the time spent with each of you.

Jim, Susan, Maryanne, Libby (Fullerton, CA); Matt & Hailey (Dublin); Phil & Cheryl (Dublin); John, Dierdra, Aoife, Etoin & Liam (Schull, Ireland); John, Sinead (Lahinch, Ireland); Armstrong Clan (Belfast); Cotter Clan (Belfast); Roy & Pam (Northwich, England); Anthony & Laura (Walsall, England); Tommy & Christina (Cambridge, England); Our friends from Ecclesia Hollywood (Nairobi, Kenya) Mbugwa Family (Nairobi, Kenya), Abel, Milcah, Preston, Faith & Hope (Nairobi, Kenya); Kenya Team 2009; Jon Andre and Crystal (Bergen, Norway); Joaquim (Gothenburgh); Katie and Romy (Frankfurt, Germany); Kimberly, Mike, King Leo, Hennings (Weimar, Germany); Carly (Weimar, Germany); Kai (Weimar, Germany); Juliana and Family and Melissa (Kaiserslautern, Germany); Dieter and Angelica (Tuebingen, Germany), Brad, Laurel, Landon and Baby (Ljubljiana, Slovenia) Dave and Katka (Ljubljiana, Slovenia) ; Josh, Kristi and Family (Ljubljiana, Slovenia); Hondo ,Trish and Family (Ljubljiana, Slovenia); Yolima (Colombiana met in Venice, Italy); Rowan (Australian, met in Switzerland); Brett (American met in Cinque Terre, Italy); Jaime (Australian, met in Rome); Matt and Ana and Jacob (Prague, Czech Republic); Robyn (Budapest, Hungary); Eyal and Michal (Tel Aviv, Israel); Thomas and Michael (Germans met in Jerusalem); David and Ana (Jesus Trail. Americans in Nazareth, Israel); James and Linda (Americans traveling in Israel); Johnny and Family (Beit Sahour, Palestinian Territory, Israel); Nihad and Family (Cairo, Egypt); Dan, Michelle, Matt, Daniel, Savannah and Shania (Beijing, China) Kids and Staff at Shepherd’s Field (Beijing, China); Daniel (Xian, China); Jenny, Amy and Friends (Phnom Penh, Cambodia); Damion and Miriam (French and Austrian met in Bali, Indonesia), Chris, Lindsey and Alfie (English met in Bali, Indonesia); Dewa and Family (Bali, Indonesia); Kids at Orphanage (Bali, Indonesia); Didier (Bali, Indonesia); Win, John, Wendy, Emma, Drew (Allan and Nanette), Josiah, Mark, Bec, Luke, and Scooby and Zach (Melbourne, Australia); Sue and Family (Melbourne, Australia); Ann W (Melbourne, Australia); Anne H (Melbourne, Australia); Rowan and Debbie (Sydney, Australia); Megan meow(So. Cal, USA); Wayne and Calie (Auckland, New Zealand); Gaz and Lorena (Auckland, New Zealand); David and Margaret (So. Cal, living in San Domingo, Chile); Mariella’s beautiful family (Santiago, Chile).


  1. Have a safe trip home! I'm so excited to have you two home yet I'm sad that your world trip is coming to an end. Thank you for sharing your world trip with us all! Your devotion to writing this blog was incredible. Thank you!!! I love you to so much! God is amazing!!!! xo

  2. Mariella
    If I have never said this then let me say this now. YOU are an amazing loving beautiful (inside and out) Woman. My little Craigy could not have married anyone more perfect for him than you. This is a testament that our Wonderful God really does answer prayer for I have prayed for you for all of his life. I cannot express how much I and my girls love you. Be blessed.