Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mud's first post

Ok, so today is planning day. Craig has "scheduled me in" for 4 hours and has me under house arrest. Finally, the semester is over and I am officially finished at Fullerton College, which makes me happier than some of you might think. Now I can begin dedicating myself 100% to this incredible, crazy, and awesome endevour:365'ish days of travel around the world with my husband-who could ask for more.

So, how do I "feel" about this trip; is the question I keep getting, and well, I feel great about it. I mean there are, I am sure, people out there who think we are crazy, perhaps even irresponsible, but I think this next year will be a huge step in faith, we know that the Lord will provide us with experiences that will make us look more like Christ and well-isn't that our goal? It's amazing what happens in our lives when we even begin thinking about stepping out. I remember the months leading up to our wedding day were crazy, filled with a lot of emotions and what I remember the most is God revealing himself to me-daily. I remember being nervous, but not afraid. I mean I knew that this was what God wanted because it would cause me to look more like Him. Now here we are again in this place, ready to jump and I know that God is with us and I am so excited to be moved, scared, nervous, sad, happy, all of those things because I know God is intending for us to grow and His promise to us is that He will complete what He has begun in us-so why be afraid?

I must say leaving my family will be the most difficult thing. My sister, jessica, will be having her first child (hopefully before we leave) and I know that there will be times when I will feel homesick and will want to come home-so don't feel like you need to encourage this, but I can't express enough how good this all feels.

So, here we go. According to Craig's handy dandy calendar, there are only 39 days left before we peace out.
This painting was something I did for an auntie in Chile, I was just practicing posting photos, for your enjoyment!


  1. Hey Guys! I'm so excited for you! I'll check back regularly - can't wait to see where you'll go! Christy

  2. I am super excited for your big trip! And I love love love your painting, I wish I could have one just like it. Thanks for starting a blog - I look forward to following you around the world by reading your updates :) -Carly

  3. I hope the best for u and your wife. I will look back on this amazing blog to see how your doing. So good luck on your glorious journey!
    -your good friend,Manuel!