Monday, April 26, 2010

Connecting with La Familia

We celebrated our prima`s (cousins)birthday on the first day of our arrival. Nena turned twenty years old. Mariella is overflowing with joy as she connects with her family. The family is requesting that we move to Chile. We are wondering if they are scheming together to encourage us to move south. For now that is not in our plans. Yesterday I went mountain biking with my primos. Francisco and Francisco took me for a nice mt. bike ride on and around Cero San Cristobal. There were heaps of families and other individuals enjoying the mountainous park on the edge of the city. We are enjoying the time with the family and all the cafe, pancitos (breads-pastries), dulces (candy) which acompany our dwelling together.


  1. What beautiful babies. How are they related to you?

  2. These babies are second cousins, but their parents tell them that we are Tio Craig and Tia Mariella, which are aunt and uncle. When we were here in 2008, they were only dreams and now they are here and one more on his way in May. Pretty amazing. The older ones are all my cousins on my mother's side. I can draw you a photo later :)
    Love you, mud

  3. Those babies have the most beautiful bright eyes I've ever seen! It was hard to look away. So captivating! :)