Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Requesting Your Assistance…

Hello friends and family. Mariella and I plan on returning to California in mid May. At this time we are wondering where we will dwell. Mariella was accepted to universities in Sacramento and Fullerton. At this time we plan to live in the Sacramento or Orange County area while Mariella pursues a degree in English over the next few years. I’ve been looking for school counseling job postings over the past year. Unfortunately, there have not been many counseling jobs available in the state. My first choice would be to find a job as a school counselor in a secondary or middle school. Currently I am not aware of any positions available in the Orange County and Sacramento areas. As a result, I am open to other job options during the current economic slump. If any of you know of any jobs that may be available in the Sacramento and Orange County area, I would be interested in learning more (craigandmariella.yahoo.com). Mariella and I also plan on purchasing a used car when we return. Any leads that you have in the job or car area would be appreciated. Thank you for walking with us through this ongoing journey. It is great not knowing what will happen in the future. It’s even better knowing the One who does. En las manos de Dios!


  1. FULLERTON!!!! Okay, so I'm seriously keeping my ears and eyes on alert!

  2. I vote Northern california and doesn't a Mamacitas vote count for double? Of course, I think your little nephew in so cal is more important to be near.
    I know God will open a door.
    Love and prayers

  3. Let me know what you two decide...That way i'll know where i'm moving too!!! :) Ha ha! (am i really kidding) lol!

  4. I don't think Meg is kidding!